Back in October marked Weiser's 14th Annual Mud drag Races, sponsored by the Weiser Mud Drag Committee and the Weiser City Fire Department. Drivers from all over the northwest come to our community for the chance to compete at Mortimer's Island for money, trophies and recognition. 
This event is one of our area's most popular, and has seen tremendous growth. The two organizations want to make sure that the upcoming races are the biggest and best yet. You'll love the races; they are good clean messy muddy mayhem at its absolute best. They have added motorcycle and ATV races and a snowmobile competition! Add the vendors, the tug-of-war, and the dash-for-cash events, and you've got family entertainment everyone will be sure to love!
The emcee again this year was Dale Jeffries.

Although this event was back in October of 2017, these two video have just been created to give you a look into this fun Weiser tradition. Below the two 2017 videos, we will include the two 2016 videos if you are interested in them also. Enjoy the videos....