Our little walking group, got together this morning after a week of inactivity.  I think I had better clarify that statement, I had a week of inactivity.  The others kept walking without me. Which makes me feel good to know that they  don’t need me to be there to keep up with the program.  Until the weather gets consistently better and things dry out, outside exercise outside is kind of hit and miss sometimes.
Joy Larkin and I continue inside with stretches and some free weight work for muscle strength.  Joy is facing hip surgery at the end of April and the thinking now is to have the patient get in better physical condition before surgery.  She explained that they thought it brought about faster recovery times.  It makes sense to me.  I’m Impressed by Joy’s persistence and dedication.  If I ever needed a role model, she would be it.
In fact, I think a lot of us “Older” folks make better role models than many of the actors and athletes that are now adored by many.  Everyone goes through trials and tribulations in life, but it seems to me that the elder’s among us have endured the storms of life with positive attitudes and compassion for our fellow beings.  Maybe, because we have lived enough life, we understand that time is the great equalizer and the qualities of humility and compassion are a necessity to understanding the journey.  Or, as my husband says “Just wait, You’ll find out”.
                We don’t have any big fund raisers planned for the month, so things are pretty quiet.  We still have our Pinochle tournaments going on Monday and Friday evenings from 6:30 to 9 PM.  The tournaments last for one month with whoever has high points wins  the “pot” for the month.  There are daily winners as well.  The cost of the game is $2.00. with One dollar going to the big pot which is split with the center to help defray costs and .50 going into the 1,000 Aces pot and .50 going to the 1500 Trump Pot.  If you love the game of Pinochle, you might want to give it a try.  I used to play all the time until a few years ago when my husband became ill and I felt I should be home more.  I really enjoyed my time playing and meeting others.  It was a fun time with lots of laughter.  I like that.
                We also exercise on Monday Wednesday and Friday mornings.  There is no charge and it’s motivational to exercise with others.  They tend to keep you on track, at least until you fall in love with feeling good or gain the habit of walking.  Then you miss it if you don’t do it.
                This Friday, March 9th we are having Chicken enchiladas with sour cream, guacamole and salsa, Spanish rice, salad, pears and dessert.  On Wednesday, March 14th, Ursula is serving sweet and sour chicken, rice, mixed vegetables, whole wheat rolls, salad and Wickey wacky cake.  On Friday, March 16th we are serving, Ham and beans, corn bread, salad, mixed fruit and dessert.
                Have a great week everyone!