Monday, March 5th the Weiser School District held their Spring Choir Concert at the Weiser High Aduatorium. All five choirs were present and entertained friends, family, and community. The Middle School choir sang Arise, My Love by Tony Alonso with Daniel Rodriguez and Emma Tolman as soloist. The Chamber singers also had soloists for their song Mo Ghile Mear an arrangement by Desmond Early. Soloist were Nathan Burris and Beck Jones.

Director Mike Turner ended the concert with having all five choirs sing Dubula together on stage. Dubula is an arrangement by Stephen Hatfield. You can watch this wonderful performance below, just click on the Youtube link.


Upcoming Weiser Choir Events:

WHS Choir Tour: March 13-18

District III High School Choral Festival: April 16-17

District III Middle School Choral Festival: May 2

State Solo Festival: May 4-5

(State Qualifiers- Nathan Burris, Emma Packer & Hannah Walker)

Graduation: May 20

Jazz Concert: May 21