By Marsha Woods
Walking into Judy Ann’s quaint quilt shop is a bit like taking a journey into a nostalgic past. One is at once immediately enveloped by a feeling of wistful remembrance and a melancholy for days past! It is a place of history, a place of serenity; a place to gather and a place of mutual creativity! It holds an atmosphere straight out of a Debbie Macomber novel! 
Quilting is not an unfamiliar art; it has been a pastime of women throughout the ages. Judy Scott is not an unknown name; her reputation for work ethic, compassion and for never meeting a challenge she didn’t like have led her to where she is today!
Judy grew up in a large Washington area. When circumstances merited a change, she realized her dream of settling in a small town where, as she puts it, “everybody knows you name.” With five children at her heels, she moved to Council, Idaho in 1978, where she finally found her aspirations to be a part of a community come to fruition. Living in Council for nine years, Judy eventually found her way to Weiser . Invited to expand her ambitions, she went to work for Jeff Mueller at Riverside Texaco on the Oregon Side and seemingly, her future was defined!
Judy’s education has not come from a college campus, but that of the school of determination! She has been a familiar face in almost every restaurant in the city of Weiser; also having been the owner of one for a period of time. 
Her passion for quilting was titillated with the acquisition of her first sewing machine.  With the need to clothe her children, Judy began sewing! She created Rodeo attire for her daughters, as well as prom dresses to rival those made by designers! Eventually, she purchased a quilting machine.  Her new husband, Bill Scott, whom she married 10/10/10 (significant date!) was looking for a building in which to open a machine shop, when the tiny little spot, located at the end of Commercial Street, caught their eye! Judy had her store! Her mother connected her with a quilt shop owner in Orofino, Idaho who was selling out and in the blink of an eye, Judy and Bill hooked up a horse trailer and opened their doors during Fiddle Week in June of 2007.
Ten years have gone by with the two time expansion of the store’s popularity becoming a necessity. Today, the business thrives with the experience of re-creating history!
Open Tuesday – Friday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and Saturday from10: AM to 4:00 PM, Judy invites an atmosphere where women enter and hesitate to leave! Thursday night is SOUP AND SEW night where she provides homemade soup, tea and treats! Participants are serenaded as they connect by Judy’s husband, Bill and his band, JUST FOR KICKS (Video Below) as an extra added bonus to Ladies Night Out! Classes are available also on Thursday and Saturday, including those for children! As an admirable example, she is now instructing an innovative 12 year old in creating a gift for her much admired Grandmother! Judy’s gift is of love and she shares it gladly!
JUDY ANN’S QUILT SHOP is located at 35 East Commercial Street. She can be contacted at 208-405-5121. Contact her for a step into history and a warmth of welcome!