March Came in Like a Lion… to use a very worn-out phrase. But nothing has noticeably slowed down the folks in the Upper Country! When I started typing this column on Saturday, snow was falling once again and the little birds in our trees were probably wondering why they didn’t wait a while longer to move north! 
A note to my readers;  Please call or email me your own stories by next Monday! I need your help gathering news!
Midvale School… The fourth and fifth grade class, under the direction of their teacher, Mrs. Nicole DeVries, will present “A Living Wax Museum” featuring Patriots of the American Revolution on Wednesday, March 21 from 2:30 to 3:30 PM in the Multi-purpose Room.  Students have researched and written an essay about an American patriot from the Revolutionary War Era. Now the fun begins!  The students will dress up as their patriot and present their memorized part in character in first person, as if they were that character. The format for the “Wax Museum” will be similar to that of a science fair. Guests will be invited to mill about the Multi-purpose room, going station to station to hear the students’ presentations.

The Cheer Squad is headed for State! All community members are invited to a Dessert Send-Off on Wednesday, March 14 at 7:00 PM at Midvale Multi-purpose Room.  Please bring a dessert to share and come send our Tri-Valley Titans Cheer Squad and Coaches off to state in style.
Congrats to the Tri-Valley Titan guys who made a great effort at the State Basketball Tournament last week and lost their last two games by a thin margin.
Good Samaritan Opportunity… Last Wednesday Jack Coburn rescued a young man who was walking to Cambridge, leaving his car behind partly on the road where it broke down. The Coburns  took Vince  to  Cambridge where they learned the closest tow-truck was in McCall, so they borrowed a brand-new tow-strap from Jack Toothman (Vince was impressed to meet the mayor of Cambridge!) and  pulled Vince’s car to a turnout, a much safer place to wait for the tow truck later found in Weiser.
Coburns Honor a Dear Friend… On Monday, when I would usually be compiling this column, Jack and I spent the day in Boise saying farewell to our quiet and godly friend, Virginia Smith, age 94, who passed away surrounded by her large family a few days earlier. Her husband Paul, known widely as the owner of “Smith’s Signs” in Boise, had preceded her to heaven several years ago. We were honored to be their friends.
This couple was instrumental in making “Coburn Country” what it is today. Our “Little House on the Prairie” was even smaller twenty-two years ago when Paul and Virginia, as well as friends Faye and Dave Eisentrager,  and Jack’s truck driver buddy, Ken Richey,  travelled up from Boise for a month to add on to it before we moved in. Their touch is seen everywhere, starting with the “Coburn Country” sign Paul crafted that hangs proudly at our gate.  Virginia and Faye and other ladies from our Boise church spent hours creating the quilt for our bed.   
On Monday, hundreds gathered at their church in Boise to honor this quiet and gentle lady and words cannot describe the joy we experienced while chatting with so many “old friends!” Virginia and Paul’s five remaining talented children (Paula passed away several years earlier.) and their families provided beautiful music and testimonials. The service was followed by a bounty of delicious food downstairs at the “light lunch” and the room was filled with the pleasant sound of friends reconnecting.
 Leave ‘em Laughing… Two stories this week! Suzanne Ash’s account features four-year-old son Luca this time.    Luca refused to eat his lunch, “Because there is cancer in it!”  Suzanne adds that it just happened that everything in lunch that day was organic, and she assured him, “I’m not feeding you cancer!”
Snow Puppy… Thursday morning's snow fall was misjudged by Bonnie Evans when she told a friend she could drive to town with no problem, since there were just two-to-three inches on the ground.  It turns out that measuring snow depth using a puppy is not too accurate, since Muffin (the puppy) doesn't sink all the way down, but just frolics in the top few inches. Luckily the meeting was cancelled before anyone got stuck in her driveway.  Moral of the story: “Never trust a puppy!"