On March 9th at the Weiser Senior Lunch, Rose Will was honored for her 51+ years of dedicated volunteer service to local Veterans through a variety of out reach services.  She has seemingly “done it all”, from helping set appointments with the regional Veterans’ liason to driving the DAV van to Boise for appointments , to helping with computer access.  She speaks very passionately about her dedication!  She was proud to note that most of the proceeds from the sale of the poppy flowers at holidays is used in this area.  At the lunch she answered questions and greeted classmates from her early years here.

The quilt was designed and stitched by the Wonky Weiser Quilters whose members are Barbara Huck, Diana Henigan, Wendy Martell, Elaine Brent, Elaine Grout, Linda McLaughlin, and sometimes Doreen Hirata and Julie Zeigler.