Although no Weiser teams qualified for the World Vex Robotics Championship at State, Weiser team 9551B, Vexy and We Know It, got an invitation to Worlds. Idaho can send five teams to Worlds. This year due to one team qualifying twice for worlds Idaho was able to choose another team to send to the World competition. The standard for this is to take the team with the top Skills score in the whole state of Idaho. This years top Skills score belongs to Weiser’s team 9551B, Brenden Hubele, Braden Salove-Hale, Christopher Thein and German foreign exchange student, Max Dahler.

The 2018 Vex World Championship will be held April 25th through 28th in Louisville, Kentucky. The Weiser team will be competing among 485 high school teams, 400 middle school teams and about 100 college robotics teams from around the world. Fundraising will be taking place to help the team make this competition. Coach and teacher Jon Lundberg plans to send letters to companies, civic groups, and community members that have supported the WHS Robotics programs in the past. He also plans to continue selling ice-cream, host a school dance and sell Kiwi-Loco coupons. The cost to send the team and Lundburg to worlds is estimated to cost around $8,000. This amount would cover flights, hotel, ground transportation, registration fees, and food. Those who would like to help support the team, have any questions or ideas may contact Lundberg at the high school, 1-208-414-2595.

Lundberg shared his thoughts on the team making Worlds, “The team is very excited about making this trip.  This is a great opportunity that will provide this team of Wolverines the chance to compete on an international stage against the world’s best.  Going to this would also provide an incredible educational experience along with the chance to meet and develop relationships with students from around the world.

There will be many challenges in getting the team to this international tournament and the biggest challenge is raising the money to cover the expenses.  We are estimating that the trip for the team and one supervisor is approximately $8,000. The team and the whole robotic class has been involved in some ongoing fundraising throughout the year, but is well short of the funds needed to make the trip.   Any financial support would be greatly appreciated. I hope you will find that this opportunity for our students is one that is worth getting behind and supporting.

It has been very honoring and humbling to have such a great community that has supported the robotics program and I know this team will do a fantastic job of representing the state of Idaho, WHS, and the community of Weiser at the world championships.”