You may have received a mailer recently stating that District 9 Representative Ryan Kerby has voted to restrict gun rights. Before swallowing this statement, please check the facts.  The mailer is part of an extremist group’s strategy to misrepresent and undermine legislators by presenting a distorted version of a story. 
This mailer said Rep. Kerby voted to restrict gun rights. (No other explanation was given). It failed to explain that I have supported all gun rights bills for the past four years, have attended the Weiser Friends of the NRA banquet each year, and this year sponsored a gold table at the event and brought several friends. 
I have several guns. I have an enhanced concealed weapons license. I enjoy my rifles and shotguns for hunting, my pistols for target practicing and protection if ever needed. 
But, this year we heard a bill that was very different. This year’s House Bill 585 was about people convicted of domestic violence--convicted of beating their spouses or children. We heard several hours of tearful testimony from women who had put up with husbands who not only had beaten them and the children, but consistently brandished guns in a threatening fashion, set guns and ammunition out in view in the home to intimidate them, or stood there massaging their guns in front of them, all in an effort to exert power and control over family members by threatening them. Many women and children get shot and killed by abusive husbands each year. Even if not shot, the children and spouses are terrified. They live in fear. What a horrible culture for kids to grow up in, wanting affection but receiving intimidation. 
Bill H585 would have required that people convicted of domestic violence cannot have guns for two years. I voted for a quality of life for these spouses and children, which was a yes on H585. I’ll make that vote every time. Intimidating spouses and children in this fashion is unacceptable. 
I attend the Rose Advocates dinner in Weiser most years. This hard-working group offers resources to abused children and adults. They strive to provide a safe home environment that nurtures empowerment, self-esteem and self-worth. My vote on H585 was to support Rose Advocates. My vote on this bill was as an advocate for the safety of domestic abuse victims and their families. I support community organizations, church groups and individuals who are working toward this end. 
Expect more of these misleading letters. During the last election cycle, in 2016, this group attacked Abby Lee, District 9’s Senator. They sent out six mailers misrepresenting her positions, painting a completely false picture of her foundational beliefs and her integrity. They target 20 or so legislators per year, undermining them in an effort to get more people in the legislature who will vote the way that group wants, rather than voting to represent their district’s constituents. If this group’s past pattern holds true, expect future mailers from them stating that Rep. Kerby doesn’t believe in the Constitution or the sanctity of marriage, or state’s rights, or that he wants bigger government or higher taxes, or that he is a bad person in some way shape or fashion. This group exercises their freedom of speech and of the press and of their right to say or print whatever they want without government control. I respect their right. I have the right to respond and clarify. You and I all have the right to be informed and to vote in free elections. 
I really believe District 9 voters will see through this strategy, will check the facts before forming or changing an opinion, and will participate in an election based on the issues.