By Kenna Seid Waggoner:
North Country Wrestling Club, based out of Cambridge, consists of youth wrestlers from Midvale, Cambridge, Council, Weiser, Payette, and Ontario. Wrestlers in this club range in age from 5-15.  
On March 24, these wrestlers competed at a very high level in the District Championships held at Middleton High School. Following are their placings:
Girls Division:
    •    Kali Waggoner (Midvale) – 2nd place, age 8-10, 57 lbs.
    •    Charlee Noah (Cambridge) – 1st place, age 8-10, 64 lbs.
Boys Division:
    •    Trev Moser (Weiser) – 2nd place, age 7-8, 54 lbs.
    •    Kellan Moura (Cambridge) – 2nd place, age 7-8, 58 lbs.
    •    Charlee Noah (Cambridge) – 1st place, age 7-8, 61 lbs.
    •    Wyatt Hatfield (Council) – 2nd place, age 7-8, 85 lbs.
    •    Ryan Hirchert (Ontario) – 1st place, age 9-10, 62 lbs.
    •    Easton Adkisson (Council) – 2nd place, age 9-10, 62 lbs.
    •    Jace Waggoner, (Midvale) – 1st place, age 9-10, 71 lbs.
    •    Owen Hatfield (Council) – 3rd place, age 9-10, 76 lbs.
    •    Coye Coffman (Payette) – 1st place, age 9-10, 81 lbs.
    •    Eli Noah (Cambridge) – 2nd place, age 9-10, 81 lbs.
    •    Kye Roberts (Council) – 2nd place, age 9-10, 95 lbs.
    •    Wyatt Moura (Cambridge) – 3rd place, age 9-10, 95 lbs.
    •    Russell Noah (Cambridge) – 3rd place, age 11-12, 76 lbs.
    •    Austin Sargent (Payette) – 2nd place, age 13-15, 140 lbs.
    •    Blake Damon (Cambridge) – 2nd place, age 13-15, 157 lbs.


This weekend is the State Championships at the Ford Idaho Center in Nampa.  Kali Waggoner, Charlee Noah, Trev Moser, Kellan Moura, and Wyatt Hatfield will compete Friday night from 6-9 p.m. for their chance at a State Title.  
On Saturday, starting at 9 a.m., Eli, Charlee, and Russell Noah; Jace and Kali Waggoner; Wyatt Moura; Owen Hatfield; Kye Roberts; Easton Adkisson; Byron Schmidt; Blake Damon; Coye Coffman; and Austin Sargent will also be competing for state titles. 
This group of kids has been competing in Oregon and Idaho this year since last October. They have worked tremendously hard, and as our season comes to an end this weekend, these wrestlers would love the support of our community behind them.  Please come and support your local wrestlers!