On Saturday, March 31st Zander McElroy competed at the World Association of Benchers and  Dead Lifters Eastern Oregon Powerlifting Competition in Ontario, Oregon. McElroy competed in the thirteen/fourteen, 148 pound, deadlift division and came in first place deadlifting 275.5 pounds. Before this competition McElroy personal best was 255 pounds. McElroy shared, “I am really happy, I’m just pleased on how well I did. It’s crazy because on my third try it was a weight I have never even attempted.They didn’t even tell me what the weight was, just told me to go pick it up. It’s crazy, I was trained to do 265 pounds, but I have never done 275.” This win also qualified Mcelroy for the World WABDL in Los Vegas, Nevada that will be held November 13-18th.

McElroy is an eighth grader at Weiser Middle School and has only started practicing powerlifting since September. He admits that he really only started training hard in January for the Oregon competition. McElroy is the son of Mandy Howie and Scott McElroy. McElroy is following family tradition, his uncle and coach, Mike McElroy is the current WABDL World Bench Press Champion and is currently waiting for his last bench to be certified as the world record in his division with a weight of 534 pounds. McElroy’s father, Scott McElroy, shared that “Zander really looks up to his uncle and is very excited to follow in his footsteps.”

McElroy is looking forward to the WABDL World Competition in November. He shared that he is currently focused on track and field for Weiser Middle School, but when the season wraps up he will be putting his efforts towards Worlds, “My goal for Worlds is probably going to be lifting around 285 pounds, I am hoping to be around there. After track I am going to be hitting the gym hard for that.”