Lorrie L. Richins of Fruitland is a Republican candidate for Idaho State Representative in District 9. She and her husband, Brian, have been married for 33 years and feel Idaho has been the perfect place to raise their 7 children.

      “I’ve engaged in this race for representative because I believe voters should have a choice between candidates who best represent their ideals. As a representative for District 9, I will advocate for Idaho’s core conservative values. 

       I believe decisions regarding the educational system ought to be kept closest to the people rather than the federal government. As a previous private school teacher, homeschooler, and substitute in the Weiser public schools, I support parental rights to choose which form of education best suits their own children.

       I believe we should protect the unborn. I support choice in healthcare and choice in coverage. I endorse freedom of speech and religion, and despite the aggressive movement towards further gun control, I will uphold and defend our 2nd Amendment rights as citizens.

      As a previous director of The Institute for Constitutional Education, I understand the importance of preserving constitutional principles. A current Idaho representative recently stated that arguments for smaller government and less spending are often overruled in the house and a few more conservative minded representatives could turn the tide to uphold those constitutional stances. If elected, I will use my vote to help make that happen.”