Those of you who know me, know my personal story about why I became involved in the paranormal field. Living in a home with extreme paranormal activity changed me as a skeptic and paranormal researcher to be more open minded to the possibility of something beyond this dimension. It was through those experiences, the good and bad,  that changed not only me, but my family as well, forever. It was one particular negative experience with a local paranormal team that had been asked to help us that changed me as a researcher and made me into an investigator. I learned that night how NOT to treat your clients. Compassion, ethics and respect are key qualities of a successful reputable paranormal team. After that night, it became my mission to help people that, like us, who are uncomfortable or fearful in their own homes and work places. This is something that I have become very passionate about. No one should ever feel the way we did that night in our home. That memory drives me every day to help our clients and to educate other paranormal colleagues who work in the field. This is why I formed our team of professional and compassionate team members. Our mission is to help people. I never dreamed my message would travel as far as the Oregon coast but this year I had the honor to be asked to speak at the annual Oregon Ghost Conference in Seaside, Oregon. I had never been to the conference before, but was eager to meet other people in the field and learn new things. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. It was everything and much more than I expected. Rocky, Kristen and the rest of the Oregon Ghost Conference committee work very hard and are dedicated to making this event better than the previous years. They offer many classes and guest speakers that cover a wide range of subjects in the paranormal field, along with historic ghost tours of Seaside and paranormal investigations of the historic location, the Bridge Tinder. They also feature a variety of documentaries and films and those associated with them. We had the pleasure of meeting Jay Verburg, formerly from the SyFy series Ghost Mine. He now hosts videos on the web's Dark Zone Network and an exciting new film Jay and his associates are working on called "The Permanents: A Paranormal Case Study." You can find the links to both projects on Facebook. We learned a lot in the classes we attended and from various vendors that we met. My presentation went well and several people from the audience spoke with me afterwards. It was rewarding for me to share my story but for me,  the best part of the conference was the fact that the entire conference was not only open to the paranormal celebrities and experts, but also to the general public. It was great to see the interaction with everyone. Experts in the field were available to answer questions and share experiences one-on-one with the public. Another exciting aspect of the conference was the family oriented atmosphere. Sometimes, through movies and TV shows, the paranormal field is shrouded in darkness or negativity. To show that the paranormal field should not be considered "scary," kids are also included in this awesome event, offering numerous interactive family activities in the Paranormal Kid Zone. Face painting and hands on explanations of the paranormal equipment we used on investigation were just a couple of the many fun things to do in the Kid Zone. Judging by the happy faces, the families seemed to enjoy the atmosphere at the conference. If you would like to plan a unique new adventure for next spring, set your sights on the Oregon Ghost conference in Seaside. They keep you posted with updates on their Facebook page. Whether you believe or not, it is an experience I highly recommend this event. Where else do you get the chance to meet Mr. Bigfoot and a ghost? It was a fun and incredible experience, and we plan on attending next year. Hope to see you there!  Deb - Founder/Case Manager