By Sally Kelley

Coming soon to a theater near you:  Weiser Little Theater brings back a favorite of our patrons:  Those Crazy Ladies in the House on the Corner.

What happens when three elderly widowed sisters, living together in their family home, find out their old country doctor is hiring a nurse who will live in their extra room and watch over the old ladies?   Dora, the oldest, bossy without end, will have nothing to do with this. Lydia, the peacemaker, thinks they should give it a try (especially when she thinks Jean, the nurse, is not there to watch over her but Dora!). Then Maggie, the absent-minded one, goes along with it because she finds out Jean is there to keep tabs on Lydia. Dora then agrees when she thinks Jean is there to watch over Maggie. So the circus begins!

The hard part is convincing the sisters they need a roomer. In no time, however, Nurse Jean, with her charm, has them all wrapped around her little finger. She has them planning parties, pulling Halloween pranks and wearing jogging suits while they race each other to the corner. But when the nephew shows up with a plan to sell the family house, things seem to get complicated again, especially with Christmas just around the corner.

Many from WLT’s regular troupe make up the cast. Dianne Kinney, Gail Boettcher, and Sally Kelley are the three sisters. Mike Koto plays Dr. Lomax.  Sarah Stuart recreates Jean from a previous production. Fred Wheeler is her boyfriend, Calvin. Kevin Walker returns as Phillip, Dora’s son. The audience may want to boo this villain! Kyler Thomason plays the grocery delivery boy who is terrified of those crazy ladies in the house on the corner. (Thus the name???) And a newbie is Cindy Spence, who is handling the role of Jessie very well.

Director Gaileen White carries on the tradition of Weiser Little Theater as both her parents and her grandmother were part of the original Weiser Little Theater back in the 1950’s. 

This heartwarming piece is loaded with wisecracks and one-liners that keep the laughter flowing. And it is appropriate for the whole family. One of the highlights of the play is when all three sisters talk at the same time. Try to follow that!

Running the last two weekends of April, tickets are already going fast. Dinner performance dates are April 20, 21, and 26-28. Dinner will be stuffed pork tenderloin with puff pastry, rice pilaf, green beans, green salad and rolls with cobbler for dessert. Dessert only performances are on April 19 and 24. Tickets are available from the Weiser Chamber of Commerce—208-414-0452. Or you can go online to Weiser Little Theater and click on the link Seatyourself.  Choose your seats from the diagram and pay by credit card, then print out your receipt/tickets.

Hope to see you all at this funny, lovely play!