From the Weiser School District web page:

Sixteen WHS students competed in the 2018 Science Olympiad conducted on Saturday, April 7th at Boise State University. WHS was the only 3A school to compete. They competed with several other 4A (Bishop Kelly, Rigby, Twin Falls) and 5A schools (Capital, Mt.View) as well as homeschool students from around the Treasure Valley. Berke Walker and Abbey Shirts finished first in the Helicopters event, This was especially rewarding when a student from another school accidentally crushed the box that held their helicopter and Berke and Abbey had to repair and compete with a damaged entry in less than an hour. Berke had spent hours developing a helicopter design that stayed aloft for more than two minutes. The next closest entry flew 20 seconds. Colton Burr and Nathan Rasmussen also earned first place honors in the MouseTrap Cars event using mousetraps to power a vehicle to push a plastic cup several feet towards a target line and then reverse itself to a another target line behind the car's original starting point.Colton Burr and Michael Brooks earned second place medals for developing a Hovercraft that lifted itself and several rolls of pennies and propelled itself down a track. Mikel Davies and Michael Brooks took second in the Thermodynamics competition, and Rein Laan and Esteban Rivera garnered a second place medal for their ability to answer Fermi Questions. Alex Vasquez and Lauren Saucedo finished third in that same event. There were two other third place finishers: Llanee Gibson and Damia Mosley in the Disease Detectives event; and Jaclyn Dunn and Carin Dustman-Hicks in Herpetology
Weiser had teams finish fourth in seven other events. Congratulations to all the other entries and a special thanks to the Science Club Adviser Megan Overgaard for encouraging, sponsoring, and helping prepare the WHS contestants. 

Here is the list of all the WHS students who participated in the Science Olympiad: Brooke Anderson, Carin Dustman Hicks, Esteben Rivera, Jaclyn Dunn, Llanee Gibson, Mikel Davies, Rein Laan, Alex Vasquez, Lauren Saucedo, Philip Soulen, Abbey Shirts, Berke Walker, Colton Burr, Damia Mosley, Nathan Rasmussen, Michael Brooks.