By Mabel Dobbs,

 May 3, 2018 is Idaho Gives Day at Angel Wings Network, Inc. in Weiser. Idaho Gives is a day of giving in our state to support participating Idaho non profit organizations. For several years it has been a major fundraising day for your local cancer support group, Angel Wings Network, help people with cancer in our rural communities.
  There will be a chili cook-off contest as part of the activities on May 3, at the Weiser Senior Center from 5-8 pm . 
  We need chili cooks, so please find your favorite chili recipe and give Ron Handel at 208-550-0827 or Mary Chavez at 208-800-9672 a call before April 26, 2018 to sign up for this fun contest. The chili will be served as part of our baked potato bar and dessert menu.
  Angel Wings Network, now located at 773 W. Main Street in Weiser. Office hours are Monday through Thursday 10:00 am until 2:00 pm. Phone number is 208-414-9464.  Volunteers may be reached anytime by calling the office number and following the prompts for the service or person you are trying to reach.