Meet the new owners of the Ontario, Oregon Sears store, John and Trisha Harris. The Harris family moved to Weiser in 2015 and have three daughters; Alissia who is grown and now lives in Boise, Kaylee who is a fifth grader and Danni who is two. Trisha currently works in New Plymouth for Roady’s Truck Stop as their Program Manager, but will also be responsible for keeping the books for the Sears store. John has worked for Sears in different stores throughout the years, even at one time working the Ontario Sears store in 2016.

This is one of the reasons the Harris’s decided to purchase the Ontario Sears store, “I know Sears.” stated Harris. When the job Harris previously had was being relocated to the Boise area, he and his wife decided it was time for a change, “We decided we wanted to do something for ourselves, to have something that was ours.” The Harris’s want to return the Ontario store to that small town, family orientated feel it once had, “We are really going to focus on Customer Service. Making people feel at home. We are family owned. We want people to feel welcome in our store. That is really important to us,” shared Trisha Harris.

The Harris family has been operating for about a month now, but have thoughts on maybe opening a second Sears in McCall if things go well with the Ontario store, “It’s a lot right now, but maybe down the road,” stated Harris. Harris described the store as a 3D Catalog store. He has some things in stock and others that would need to be ordered, but would arrive faster than his competition. For now the new owners are happy with their store,“We are feeling good about it!” The Ontario store employs six people and the current hours are Monday through Friday 9am-6:30pm, Saturday 9am-6pm and Sunday 11am-4pm with new summer hours starting soon.