After leaving 15 months ago to care for her ailing husband, Mabel Dobbs is returning to Angel Wings Network, Inc. as their part-time coordinator.  Mabel came to the local cancer support group in 2013 to help founder Linda Roundtree and their board of directors expand their outreach to people in our rural communities battling cancer.  It has been an outreach ministry she has been honored to be a part of and looks forward to being back to help those in need.

Angel Wings Network, Inc has been supporting cancer patients and their families for a decade. It is their hope to see their support services last long into the next decade.  The biggest challenges they face is having enough volunteers to provide the many needed services and the financial means to purchase the fuel cards for transportation needs.  A large portion of their funds have come from two major fundraisers each year.   While we have always managed to raise the money needed there is no long term, sustainable income stream and that is a huge concern for the board and key volunteers whose hearts are committed to the Angel Wings ministry of helping those battling cancer in our rural communities.  Mabel will make this a major piece of her work.

We are quickly approaching the first major fundraising event of 2018.  May 3, is Idaho Gives. Idaho Gives is an annual, 24-hour day of giving to support non-profit organizations in Idaho. You can support Angel Wings Network Inc. by donating online at or join us at the Weiser Senior Center from 5-8 pm on 5/3/2018 for the Angel Wings Wrap Party and donate in person. 

 Angel Wings Network, Inc. has a  special challenge for businesses, clubs, families, friends, and individuals called PLEDGE $10, $20 or $___.  The top three entities who raise the most money will have cheesecake and coffee delivered to them on May 10, 2018.   Our board and volunteers will be delivering the challenge forms around town.  Accept the challenge and win cheesecake and coffee while helping those battling cancer.  If you would like to have a challenge form, call 414-9464 and we will deliver.
Please help us welcome Mabel back and if you are interested in volunteering give us a call.