Tuesday, April 17th, Weiser High senior Colton Burr signed his letter of intent to compete in Track and Field for Northwest Nazarene University. Coach Shirts  commented, “I am very happy for Colton. He has got to where he’s at in the Discus and Shot Put because of hard work. He is a very dedicated athlete, and it has been fun to watch him progress through his years in high school. Not only is he a great athlete, but he’s also a great person. He’s always been the one that helps with things we need, whether it’s a clean-up day, lining the shot and discus area, or packing stuff to and from the bus. He has a great, positive attitude.”

Burr shared his thoughts on signing, “I feel pretty happy. I planned to go to NNU whether I got this scholarship or not, but then after I had competed  in track all winter I figured this is what I wanted to do. So, I went and talked with the coaches at NNU and I guess they liked me.” Burr had looked at other schools but liked the small community feel of NNU, “After I saw the community at NNU and how small it is and there wasn’t a lot of people I decided on going there.” The small community atmesphere that Burr found at NNU reminded him of home,  “There’s not alot of people at NNU and that's what I like about Weiser.” Burr toured NNU and was able to stay the night in the dorms, this helped him make the decision. Speaking of the differences between larger schools versus the feel of NNU he shared, “You do the big tours there are thousands of people there and there just isn’t that connection.” While Burr is competing for NNU he has big plans academically, “I plan on majoring in Computer Science and then maybe also Mechanical Engineering.” Burr is the son of Connie-Roze and Jeff Burr of Weiser.