Wednesday, March 21, 2018, Weiser High School students were challenged to have a technology free day.  Students and teachers gave up phones, computers, music, from 8:30am to 3:21pm.  For some it definitely was a challenge, but for others it was just another day.  The point of the exercise was to decide if each person was in control of the technology that they were using or if that technology controlled them. Students took a survey after the event and the technology that was missed the most by students was the ability to listen to music.  Way to go Weiser High School!

To tie in with technology free day, the focus for E-Citizenship at WHS for the month of April is technology addiction.  How many of you go back to your home if you forget your phone?  Is is out of habit or because you need it for work, school, etc?  Taking a moment to think about your usage either individually or as a family.  Some ideas from about technology addiction include:  charging your phone outside of your bedroom, eliminating phone usage when eating with your family or friends, or turn your phone to grayscale to eliminate the colors of your apps.  You can find this information and much more at the following link.

Remember if you want to sign up for our free Remind text service for more information, text to “81010” and type “@e-citizen” in the message.