Thursday, April 26th Jacen Smith competed in the 400 meter dash for the second time in his track career and broke the record with a time of 49.64. After breaking his first record this season in the Long Jump, Smith shared that he wanted to go for the 400 meter record, admitting at the time that he had never raced that event. He ran the 400 meter for the first time at the Homedale meet on April 18th with a time of 49.84. Coach Shirts speaking about Smiths record shared “This was the second time he had ran the event. He barely missed the record the first time he ran it. Jacen has a great combination of speed and strength to be a great 400 runner. He has worked hard in practice to reach this goal. We are very proud of his accomplishments.”  The previous record for the 400 meter was a time of 49.8 set back in 1968 by Alan Judd.

    Smith stated after he broke the Long Jump record, “I will try to break some more records this year, I don’t know if I will, but we will have to see.” Here he is two weeks later with a second record broke! Smith shared, “I knew I was physically capable of breaking the school record for the 400 meter. I just had to figure out how to run it, because it was my second time running it. This current record I broke was 50 years old.”  Smith has no intention of stopping with just these two records, “Our relay team, which is the 4X400, is really good and I think we can break the school record for that.” Smiths 4X400 team consist of himself, Mikel Davies, Braden Bumgarner, and Rhett Kunz. We wish them good luck.


*Photos from 2017 archives.