By Nella Redman 

Danielle Larson is a Junior at Payette High School who contacted ROSE Advocates about her senior project. Not only did Danielle want ROSE Advocates to have a meeting with her, she wanted us to help her educate her school during an assembly. She wanted to focus on child abuse awareness and sexual assault awareness, but after meeting with ROSE Advocates she realized that she wanted to raise her voice about Teen Dating Violence Awareness as well. On the week of this assembly Danielle hung out posters, signs, tee shirts, and handed out flyers about Sexual Assault Awareness, Teen Dating Violence Awareness, and Child Abuse Awareness. She went above and beyond to take a stand and through education and awareness she is hoping to prevent this from ever happening to anyone. Great job Danielle on your hard work and presenting a great presentation to your school.  Danielle is a ROSE Advocates Super Hero.