HOPE is a big little word.
HOPE for those battling cancer is a monumental word.
HOPE for the families and friends of cancer patients is often what they lean on to get through the long days.
Angel Wings Network, Inc. finds HOPE to be a big part of our work helping people who are battling cancer in our rural communities for the past decade.
The board and volunteers HOPE to be able to raise the money to fund the support and services we provide to cancer patients and their families in our area. The cost to provide the support services averages over $500 per person.
The same volunteers who provide the support services are also tasked with raising the funds needed.
On May 3,2018 at the Weiser Senior Center, Angel Wings Network, Inc. will wrap up Idaho Gives Day with a party from 5-8 pm.  There will be food, fun, music, silent auction and the founder of Angel Wings Network, Inc. will give her history and vision of the organization.
We HOPE you will come join and support this local non-profit who HOPES to be able to help those battling cancer for years to come.
For information call 208-414-9464
773 W. Main Street, PO Box 54 
Weiser, Idaho 83672