As a voter in District 9A I have been extremely unhappy with current representation and the                         “incumbent candidate” only choice available, and like they say when one door closes another one opens, my door opened to Lorrie Richins! I first wanted to hear what she had to say, and I am very pleased with what I heard, I have since gone to a few more meet and greets and watched as she has begun to evolve. Her basic principles and who she is, have not changed, she has a strong foundation built on faith and the constitution, she like many people know these rights that were assured to us by our forefathers have already been fought for, we simply need a representative who wants to preserve and protect them. Lorrie is grounded deep in our history, the reasons why this country was great and the reasons why it can remain that way. Lorrie Richins is an ardent reader , she has a wealth of experience in the school system public and home school. Lorrie Richins is not a polished politician but she is a courageous and intelligent person who will stand up for us as Representative in District 9A.