Dear Editor,
The residents of Washington County have an important decision to make when voting for the next Assessor. The Assessor’s role is more than raising/lowering assessed values, maintaining exemptions, filing title applications and issuing renewal stickers. Your next Assessor will represent you in state wide meetings dealing with Legislative and Administrative Rule changes. At some point in her term, she will speak in front of House and Senate committees representing how bills may affect Washington County. Your next Assessor will also be responsible for the hiring, training, and management of a staff that is compromised of several long-term employees who will be retiring in the near future and a few others who are fairly new in the Assessor’s office. I am frequently asked who I would vote for. Having worked alongside Debbie earlier in her career she demonstrated the traits I would look for in position of leadership. If I had a vote in Washington County I would be voting for Debbie Moxley for the next Assessor. Debbie Moxley is currently your Chief Deputy, which means she is trusted with the responsibility of being 2nd in command of the Assessor’s Office. She has a firm understanding of all aspects of the Assessor’s Office and it would be a natural progression for her to be voted into office on May 15th.
Respectfully, Brian Stender