Dance Extreme 2.0 Directed by Alicia Cavazos attended the America On Stage Nationals Competition. The Competition was held in Utah at the Lagoon Amusement Park on May 5th and 6th, 2018. Dance Extreme 2.0 competed in the Solo, Jazz and Cheer portions of the event. Stephanie Becerra performed a contemporary style dance placing 1st in her division. Emma Estes also performed a contemporary style dance routine which placed 2nd in her division. Ashlan Ward was the third soloist from Dance Extreme 2.0 who performed two contemporary style dance routines which both placed High Gold 1st Place. In addition to placing 1st Ashlan also received a superstar award for having the highest accumulative scores. With Ashlan’s top scores of the competition she also was chosen to become an “All American” dancer at the National Competition and was awarded a special jacket. 
    The Dance Extreme 2.0 Extreme Project Placed 2nd with their team Jazz routine while the Competition Cheer team place 1st. The cheer team also received the well deserved Overall Cheer Award beating out all other cheer teams of the entire Competition. Great job Ladies! Way to be National Champions! 
    This was the last competition for these performers of the season. What a way to blow it up! Dance Extreme 2.0 has been very successful in the 4 competitions they competed in this year placing 1st in many divisions and receiving high golds, overall awards and judges choice. 
    Dance Extreme 2.0 will be having cheerleading try-outs on May 29th from 1:00-4:00pm at 36 State St downtown Weiser for their new competition cheer squad for the next season. Summer Classes will also be available. Please register and find out more about Dance Extreme 2.0 at: or Call 208-901-0467