From The Weiser School District ------ And Video Interview

Long-time Ag Science Stuart Nesbitt Set To Retire
Stuart Nesbitt who has taught Ag Science to hundreds of kids at Weiser High School over 28 years is set to retire at the end of this school year. Stuart was feted at the annual district retirement dinner held at the Vendome recently. More than a hundred people showed up to honor, congratulate, and thank Stuart for his many years of service to the students of Weiser High School and the greater Weiser community. A fixture at the Washington County Fair each summer, Stuart has helped more than 145 Weiser students earn their State FFA Degree, and another 24 students earn their American Degree during their freshmen year in college. This year Stuart had more than 15 students earn their state degree, more than any other high school in Idaho. Always looking to improve his program, Stuart was an active grant writer winning awards to add drone technology, a plasma cutter, and three annual $10,000 Quality Program Incentive Awards from the Division of Career and Technical Education. But most importantly, Stuart was a great educator. He wanted every high school student in Weiser to have the opportunity to learn about agriculture in some way, whether it was Animal Science, Horticulture, Ag Business, Welding, and many other subjects. He built relationships with kids, their parents, and people with agricultural interests throughout the state. We will miss him. Thank you Stuart for making Weiser your home and part of your vocation.