Friday, May 18th Weiser High senior, Dalton Turrentine signed a letter of intent to play baseball for Oregon Institute of Technology. Turrentine shared his thoughts on signing, “Everything worked out perfectly. The more I looked into the school it seemed to fit everything I wanted. It isn’t very big, it has a good baseball program, offers a bachelor's degree in a field I am interested in and is close to home. It’s about six hours away. I can drive home for a weekend if I wanted to. It’s just awesome.”

Turrentine visited the campus last fall and knew this was where he wanted to attend school, but wasn’t sure if it was going to happen. He really wanted to play ball in college, “As soon as I went over there I knew this is where I wanted to go. At the time I didn’t know if I would be on the team. That came later. I had contacted the coach and he said he would love to have me come over. I was really crossing my fingers hoping the coach would want me on the team. I really wanted to attend school there and the only thing holding me back was getting on the team. As soon as he said I could be on the team it was a done deal.”

Turrentine has played baseball since he was about four years old, starting with t-ball. He has always loved the game, “It’s different then other sports. The game treats you how you treat it. If your playing well and working hard the game seems to go your way.” Turrentine shared that his parents, Vanessa and Justine Turrentine, helped get him to where he is, “They were a very big help. They always pushed me to get good grades, that obviously helped me get into this school. Oregon Tech Baseball team has one of the highest GPAs in the country. My parents always paid for me to play summer ball, whether it was Babe Ruth or Legion. Paying for camps and busing me around everywhere. They were just amazing.” He also shared how his high school coaches helped him on the diamond, “They drove me to succeed. They were always hard on me. Sometimes I didn’t understand why they were hard on me and not other players, but now looking back on it I kinda get it. College isn’t going to be a breeze, they were preparing me.”    

While attending Oregon Tech, Turrentine will study Mechanical Engineering. This is the beginning step in his goals for his education. He shared that he would like to look into Aerospace Engineering after he receives his Mechanical Engineering degree. Turrentine, along with his fellow classmates will graduate this Sunday, May 20th and then in the fall he will attend Oregon Tech. Classes start in late September, but he will report early for baseball, “I am just thankful this all worked out. I feel good knowing where I am going and what I am doing. It is just a good fit for me.”