(Hello everybody)
    I just wanted to start by saying thank you all for being here to celebrate this day with us and for all you have done to support our class throughout the years. And to my fellow classmates, congrats, we finally made it! Moving to Weiser my sophomore year was one of the scariest moments of my life. I moved here from Cambridge and as many of you know, that it is a very small town. My class my freshman year consisted of 7 kids and I was the only girl. Obviously a huge change compared to my class that I’m with today. But, before moving to Weiser I had always heard positive things about the community and the schooling. I knew that I could fit in, but I was terrified to try. My first day of school, I got lost. I came back from mcdonalds for lunch and had no idea where Mr. Adolfson’s classroom was. I circled the hallways for probably 10 minutes before one of the ladies in the office asked me if I needed help. I walked in to my class, 15 minutes late, really embarrassed and holding a mcchicken. That was the start of my career at Weiser High School and it wasn’t a very good one. As the year began to progress, I found myself fitting in better than I expected. The huge amount of people in my classes began to scare me less and less and I started to feel at ease. The students, staff, and community welcomed me with open arms and I was finally excited to be a part of Weiser High School. All throughout homecoming week my sophomore year I would constantly hear people saying this phrase: “The Wolverine Way,” and I being the new girl had absolutely no idea what that meant. It wasn’t until I joined the science club when I finally understand what it meant. Weiser has always been an uplifting and supportive community where people cared for one another because it was “The Wolverine Way!” From the students being welcoming and helpful to the community involvement in the school, the atmosphere here was unlike any I’ve experienced before. The students showed tremendous amounts of pride while still being respectful of others. The community was always involved in helping classes or clubs with fundraisers and other events. The Wolverine Way, wasn’t something that was taught and forced on the students. It was more than that. It was, kindness, compassion, pride, and respect. It was people willing to always do the right thing because they know they should. That’s what made me and everyone else fall in love with Weiser. Every sports team, club, student,staff and community member had their own idea of the Wolverine Way. But, even as it varied, we hold the idea true. We as weiser wolverines present ourselves in the best manor and know that we represent more than just ourselves, but a history of this community. Throughout our four years in high school our class has accomplished many great things in which we encompassed the “Wolverine Way.” From our choir and band to our sports teams, we always hold pride in being wolverines. Being a wolverine is something that we will carry with us forever. The pride we have for our school and the respect we have for our community is just a small step into our future. The heart of a wolverine is something we will carry with us into our future endeavors. 
    We are going out into a world that will throw many challenges and curveballs at us. It might be tough, but nothing that we couldn’t handle. One of my closest friends and greatest inspirations, Amanda Ballew, has always told me that, to get through some of the most difficult times, I have to remember where I came from and refocus myself on what is important, and I think that is something we can all carry with us after high school. We won’t always remember the homecoming dress up days, the sports games we won (or lost), or even the multitude of papers Mr. Maxfield had us write. But, one thing we will always remember is where we are from and what Weiser has taught us. No matter what kind of challenges we face after high school we can always remember who we are and were we came from. We can carry the idea of “The Wolverine Way” with us into our futures and use it to help us overcome any obstacle. We will always take pride in whatever we do in college or at work. We will be respectful and courteous, yet still bold and daring. We as the graduating class of 2018 have the heart of the wolverine and  can accomplish whatever we set out to do in our futures. 
Thank you