By Megan Warren

There are no rides at our fair. No roller coasters, no ferris wheels, no bumper cars, no slides. And yet, it is the best week of the year for hundreds of kids in Washington County. 
This week is the culmination of months of hard work. Summers dedicated to livestock, feeding, leading, and training. Countless hours dedicated to projects teaching skills that will last a lifetime. Projects requiring sacrifice, budgets, blood, sweat, and always tears. And finally, months later, they are ready to showcase the fruits of their labors. 
It is a week of triple digit weather, dirty faces, and lemonade, all shared with your closest friends under a smoke filled sky. It is a week full of hard working kids, learning skills that will take them into adult hood, preparing them for a world that is not always fair, and always requires hard work to succeed. Character is built inside these show barns and respect is taught by groups of leaders, judges, and volunteers, all mutually dedicated to these kids. 
Sale barns are where we can all show our support. Sale barns are where families, neighbors, friends, and businessmen can converge in counties around the state to uplift the generations working hard to preserve a lifestyle worth fighting for. Sale barns are where communities can come together to support the kids that are still taught cursive, have been driving since they could reach the pedals, and will all have a little hay on their shirt and manure on their boots. But their hair will be combed, they'll say 'yes sir, and yes mam,' and they'll greatly appreciate your support with a hand shake and a genuine "Thank You." 
These kids don't realize they're part of a dying breed, an America we all remember and must fight to preserve in our own way. This Saturday, that way is a check, which will help to fund a kids first truck, the start of their first cattle herd, or a new pair of boots that will take them into the next year when they will begin it all again... year after year... Until it's time to graduate to an America that will be blessed by their contributions of character, hard work, and dedication. Traits coming second nature to groups of young adults from small town America ready to pledge their "'head to clearer thinking, their heart to greater loyalty, their hands to larger service, and their health to better living, for their CLUB, their COMMUNITY, their COUNTRY, and their WORLD.'"
Livestock Sale
Saturday, August 4, 2pm
If you are unable to attend, support can be given by calling the Washington County Extension office 208-414-0415.
*Add-On Support can also be given if you are interested in a financial contribution but may not be interested in purchasing an animal
**Please remember those kids who put in the work and the time, but their animal did not 'make weight' and cannot be sold in the Livestock Sale. Their animals are also available for purchase, please look for them in the livestock barns or contact the extension office for 'add on' information.