Hello friends.  I hope this summer is treating you all well. Our team has been very busy with jobs, classes and life in general. Unfortunately, I have found very little time for my writing and blogging as I have many projects going on in my life as well. Our newest team member Lisa, has stepped away from the paranormal field while she pursues some other interests involving her career. She will be greatly missed but we support her endeavours.


This spring we were lucky enough to have two investigations that were both very different and very interesting. Both investigations were in private residences. One was more or less a "typical investigation" with the family having experienced unexplained occurrences in their home. They were not necessarily frightened but curious as to what was going on in their home. During our investigation we did manage to capture some evidence both audio and video of something residing in their home that helped validate our clients experiences.


The second investigation, also involved a private residence. This case was an emergent case, so we set this one up as fast as we could to help find answers and a solution for this family. A mom and her two young daughters were very uncomfortable in their home. The activity seemed to target the 2 two young daughters. Things started out quite benign yet quickly escalated to the point that the family was living in fear in their home. The investigation was quite interesting when we had an amazing communication with an unseen presence in the home. Team member Lisa, myself and the mom carried on a conversation for almost 30 minutes with the unseen spirit usingp our K2 meter, which was responding to questions we asked. It was during this time that we helped empower our client to take her home back. She be firmly established boundaries and communicated her wishes directly to this unseen presence which responded through the K2 meter that we used. Upon evidence review, we found some very interesting EVPs that coincided with the active K2 session and video that validated our clients's reports. Following our investigation I received a call from our client saying that the activity had come back and it seemed to be escalating. It was at this time I became concerned that we were dealing with something very negative in their home. Following my gut instinct, I called on one of our professional colleagues The Ghosts & Girls Paranormal group. Working with June and her team, we were able to clear the home of any and all negative energies that were there and close the portal in the girl's bedroom closet. Apparently a previous resident had opened a portal inadvertently. I'm happy to report that the home is still clear. Our clients have found a peace within their home and are no longer uncomfortable in their home. We will continue to monitor this case.

Thank you for your support.

Deb - Founder/Case Manager V.P.S.