It’s Saturday morning and it’s time for our Breakfast Burrito Bar.  I got here at 5:30 and was greeted by Laurel Sherman and Lynda Yoder who were busy cooking and getting set up.  They had most, if not all of the work already done when I arrived, so I was wandering around for a while before I decided to get started on my newspaper column.  Mornings are just not my thing.  I’m more of a late morning , early evening kind of gal.

                We had a great turn out for our Taco Feed last night.  We served around 130 people and had nary a quiet moment for the entire two hour period.  Our volunteers stayed on their toes making sure there was plenty of food on the tables.  

                A big “Thank You” to our volunteers who made this event possible.  Pat Davenport, Elsie and Jack Coburn, Dan Castleberry, Charlie Caruso, Gen Fisk, Lynda Yoder, Sandy Nudo and Karen Atteberry.  Whether you kept the dishes full, cleaned up or baked brownies for dessert, Thank You.

                As I look around, it’s almost the same group that worked yesterday, that is here this morning.  Jack and Elsie Coburn, Gen Fisk, Laurel Sherman, Lynda Yoder, Dan Castleberry and Pat Davenport.  Thank you all for your service!  Two fund raisers in a row is above and beyond, deserving of so much more than just a Thank you.

                I mentioned last week, that we have a number of birthday’s this month so before I get too far along, Happy Birthday to our August born members:  Jeri Bemis, Jay Border, Carol Bumgarner, Sandy Moretto, Doug Newbold, Marjory Radasch, Dinah Wells, Linda Whitlatch and Rich Yoder.    Remember we will be having a safe driving class put on by AARP on Monday  August 20th from 9 AM to 3 PM.  Give me a call at 208-257-3358 and I will get you on the list.  The cost of the class is $15 if you are an AARP  member and $20 if you aren’t.  

                On Wednesday, August we will have a presentation on  Estate Planning, Memorials, living wills, etc.  It will be right after lunch at 12:30 PM.                

                Next week, On Wednesday, August 8th at noon we are serving Roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, beets, salad, rolls and an Apple Crisp for dessert.  On Friday, August 10th Ursula is making her delicious Pizza’s.  Usually, Combination, Canadian bacon and pineapple and Chicken Alfredo.  There is also a salad, pears and dessert.

                On Wednesday, August 15th , which is also the food pantry day, Ursula is making, Roast turkey with dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, fruit salad, rolls, green beans and pineapple dump cake.

                Have a great week everyone!