The Heat Wave in the Upper Country has moderated somewhat, and we’re thankful for thermometer readings in the mid-nineties! We’re also grateful there have been no new fires close by, although areas in northern Idaho are still on fire, and the smoke moved back in on Tuesday morning. Gardeners are facing some challenges with the heat, but hopefully you have been able to harvest some veggies for the winter.
Midvale School Classes will begin on August 20 for 6th through 12th grades, and August 22 will be the first day for Kindergarten through fifth grades. Happy School Days to students and staff!
 Midvale Library… Librarian Heather reports that this Friday, Aug. 17, is the last day of the “Library Summer Reading Program.” Also, she has several used Louie L’Amour books on sale until this Friday, Aug. 31st.  The paper backs are 25 cents each and the hard-backs are $1.00.
Story Hour… Heather sends a “Thank You” to Walmart for donating paint sticks for their story hour recently.  Kathie Gladhart says that story hour on August 8 was attended by 12 kids and four adults. Young people Wyatt Stiff and Beth Gladhart taught them the words and actions for “An Australian Yodeling.” The group enjoyed a fun picnic, visited for a while and then retired to the swimming pool.
Kathie reports that Story Hour will now be held at 4:00 pm on the third Wednesday of each month, beginning on September 19.
Ethel and Dean Jessup were pleasantly surprised by a visit from Steven Vogt and his wife Amy who stopped by on their way home to Magic Valley from a camping trip. Steven grew up in this area and attended school in Cambridge.
In another Jessup story, their grandson, Cody Jessup, son of Curt and Elaine, will leave on Tuesday for Bozeman, Montana, to enter a doctoral program in Physics relating to space.
Elsie’s MIDUS (Midlife in the United States) connection began several years ago, and included two “all-expenses-paid” flights to UCLA for physical examinations and tests and hundreds of questions.    UCLA has   stayed in touch with me in the ensuing years, and this week I’m doing “home saliva tests” several times a day, plus extensive interviews by phone.  The little, refrigerated test tubes will fly to L.A. in a few days. I have been privileged to be a part of this study on ageing, but am not sorry that it will soon be over!
In other Coburn happenings, daughter April came up Saturday, cleaned our house and took us out to lunch. I mention this, as always, to encourage others to help out their ageing parents!
Isaac Besel… Son of Jennifer and Steve Besel and graduate of Midvale High School, will leave for Idaho State University in Pocatello on Wednesday for freshman orientation, etc. He will be taking pre-med classes in Radio Graphic Science,  CT scans, etc. We’re excited for Isaac and will be thinking about Steve and Jennie as they face the “Empty Nest Syndrome.”  I would   love to get stories from other parents concerning recent graduates.
From Bonnie Evans… Plant Exchange finds are blooming now.  It is always a treasure hunt to find surprises at the spring plant exchange.  Those gladiolus bulbs that were shared last May are blooming in all kinds of colors this month.  It's like Christmas every few days to see what color will open next.  What a way to share the fun.  Thank you glad bulb donor!