By Wendy Martell

Encouraging and promoting the visual arts within the four counties and offering encouragement to student artists within the local school system are a few of the items the Four County Art Guild is involved in.  It is a diverse  group of artists who work in many different medias.  The group meets the first Thursday of each month, at noon in the Library meeting room, where they discuss current projects and possible art classes they can bring to Weiser.   Most recently they put together a Self-Guided Art Walking Tour in Weiser, which not only shows member produced  art at seven business locations but also shows community members as Featured Artist at three additional locations in town.  All of These displays are changed every two months, and you can pick up a brochure at the business locations to take the tour.   Just last month Marbella's and the Guild held a Wine & Art Festival for the community at large, which they hope to continue annually.  In addition the group donates funds to each of the Weiser schools art programs.  On the 3rd week of the month Guild members travel to the local schools to judge the student’s artwork that is on display.  The winners are awarded ribbons and a few receive a check and you should see the student’s faces when they win.  On November 16th and 17th the Guild will work in conjunction with the Weiser Library to put on the Fine Art & Craft Sale at the Vendome.  The sale is their main fundraiser, and includes a silent auction, as well as a raffle for paintings.

For tickets to celebrate the Four County Art Guild and other 2018 winners on Monday, October 15th, contact the Weiser Chamber Of Commerce (208) 414-0452