By Marsha Woods   
      In a town where everybody knows his name. he is a celebrity! He is known for his fuzzy hair,a supportive spirit,    his funky clothes and his far out impersonation of Santa! He is a man of many faces! Joe Malay! Who are you really?
          Joe grew up in a large and close family of seven siblings, a supportive mother and and father who showed them all the values that brought Joe to where he is today! Joe started his life in Boulder, Colorado and tagged along with his family from Kansas to Oregon. Moving to Annex, Oregon in grade school, Joe started his claim to fame by becoming Valedictorian  of his 8th grade class of 8 classmates. He had the honor of being number 9! ( His words not mine!)
After graduating from Weiser High School in 1967, Joe was drafted into the Marines in 1968, where he served 18 months, 6 days and 4 long hours touring! Not his finest hour according to him, but still a proud accomplishment!
          So many know Joe as a golf goofball,but his passion for the sport goes way beyond his simple delight in the game! Joe found his niche when he attended Kansas City Junior College and hit his first ball on a sand green. Somehow his attraction to the sport and his desire  to give to children seemingly jived into the perfect combination! Joe has now held golf clinics for over 1000 kids in the area, but what most people are not aware of is how far reaching his compassion has evolved! Joe created and founded a phenomenal organization for children who may or may  not have the opportunity to experience leadership or the importance of a mentor! Joe had a dream and he did not ignore it! The Idaho Junior Golf Foundation is a Joe Malay concept that has benefited numerous children across the state.  He has helped to generate over $50,000 over the years to benefit scholarships, etc. for kids who just need  a hand!Amazing what a guy with a goal can do!
           So who is Joe Malay when he goes home at night, shuts the door and kicks off his shoes? He is a loving husband to his tolerant wife, Mary of 47 years! He is a doting father to his daughter, Kari, and an obnoxiously boastful Grandfather when you ask about his granddaughters, Alex and Brooke!   
              Joe's persona is never more evident, than when he dons a red tassled  hat, and cheerfully greets a gaggle of kids as they board the HO HO EXPRESS! The children who have only known Santa as a fantasy have the reality of Christmas because of JOE MALAY!

Joe Malay is  the definitive one of a kind! As he tells people, he is INDEPENDENTLY HAPPY! Actually it is a profound statement!
        He is a man with a motto; WHEN IN DOUBT, DO THE RIGHT THING! We need to listen to this wise man!

For tickets to celebrate with Joe Malay and other 2018 winners on Monday, October 15th, contact the Weiser Chamber Of Commerce (208) 414-0452