Veterans’ honor our veterans, will be held on November 8 at 10:30 in the Midvale School and everyone is invited to join them for lunch.  
Condolences... go out to the family and friends of Toni Schwartz. Services will be held at 10:30 am on Saturday, November 10, in the Cambridge Catholic Church. A potluck will follow in the Midvale VFW Hall at (approximately) noon.
Lions’ Health Fair ... was held on October 27, and we send out a huge THANK YOU for this and the many other services that the Lions Club provides for our community! A call to Sheila Neckels revealed that 45 folks signed up at the fair, nine mammograms were given, the water testing booth was very popular, as were the sight tests with Kalyn Hochstrat and Vernon and Lois Sutton’s hearing booth and other stations. Pauli Lewman mentioned the “First Place for Health” and said that many good contacts were made during the day and the Lions are considering the possibility of branching into Weiser. Sheila reports that the Tri-Valley Cheerleaders did a lot of work for the event, were there on time to help set up and tear down the tables, chairs etc.
In a separate issue, Pauli Lewman heard a cautionary tale from elsewhere to never receive a flu shot and pneumonia shot at the same time. She had heard about two people who became desperately ill doing so.
Midvale Lions Club is hosting a class on Cybersecurity 101 this Thursday, November 1, at the VFW Hall at 8 pm.  Everyone is encouraged to attend.  Speaker will be Mr. Russell Syphert who is the Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence Officer for Micron.  There will be time for questions after his 30-minute presentation on keeping private information secure.
Manna N’ More is pleased to remind all of you that we will continue to serve dinner every Friday night, from 5-7, in Tin Pan Alley! The menu will continue to vary week to week, and you can find updated weekly menus at Midway Merchants Facebook page. We will also be offering a pairing of a meal with Wine and Design night once a month with Jamie Rebman for all you crafty ladies! This week’s menu for Friday Nov 2 will be taco soup and enchiladas. You can still come join us at our tables or take it home to go. Look forward to seeing you all soon! Don’t forget about our fresh sweet breads and cookies for sale in the Mercantile!

 Midvale Library staff is seeking a part time library director and a part-time librarian. If you are interested, please call the library at 355-2213 or stop by the library to pick up an application, Monday through Friday, by November 12. 
Haydens’ Trip… Ethel Jessup suggested that I include this story in my column, and I received gracious permission from Cambridge Bible Church Pastor, Roger Hayden and his wife Emily, to do so. Their amazing trip to the Holy Lands was a generous, anonymous wedding gift. They went on a guided tour with four others, leaving on October 11 and returning on the 23rd. Highlights for Emily was to be baptized in the Jordan River, to walk where Jesus walked and to pray in the Garden of Gethsemane. The congregation enjoyed the first chapter of their adventure on Sunday.
Surefire Evidence of winter’s soon arrival; Jack was busy today storing lawn furniture, etc. before those first snowflakes make their appearance. As always, Jack had lots of “help”   from our three outdoor kittens, “Tinker Belle, Annie and Georgie Girl.”
Kitten Update…Just as I was ready to send off my column, Jack came in with Tinker in his arms and showed me her owie. It seems she was trying to ‘help’ and stuck one paw in the clipper he was using to trim off weeds in the yard, slicing off a bit of one pad. Ten minutes later, with anti-biotic and a band-aid in place, she is purring in my lap, having already tried to help me as I type with one finger!