With the warm summer days being replaced by cool, crisp mornings and beautiful Fall foliage, one's thoughts turn to Halloween. It is this magical time of year when haunted attractions appear and scary movies invade our televisions. Whether or not you are one who enjoys being frightened, you cannot escape the season.  I, for one, love being scared. It is that building of suspense and then the sudden adrenaline rush coursing through your body that feeds the inner child within us. A lot of people assume that is why we do what we do, but that is far from the truth. Although there are paranormal teams out there that DO investigate for "the thrill of it all," we do not. We take our job very seriously. Yes, sometimes during an investigation we do have an experience that really gets your blood pumping, but we have to remember why we are really there. We are there to help our clients. This summer was a very busy one for us with investigations, and we did have some amazing experiences with evidence to back them up, but most importantly, we found answers for our clients and we were able to educate them so they would feel comfortable in their environment. No investigation is ever the same. Each location and its history are all different, and so we must adapt to that.Going into a location as an open minded skeptic helps keep you grounded throughout the entire investigation. It is your purpose to find answers for your clients and to educate them. As I have shared before, I was once a client. Our family endured 2 years of extreme paranormal activity in our former home. We experienced every aspect of paranormal activity you can imagine. That experience taught me a lot in how we should treat our clients. Being compassionate and empathetic to your clients is very important in this line of research. We have some very exciting tings coming up for next year which I will share later. On behalf of our team, we would like to say ... Thank you for your continued support. Have a safe and Happy Halloween. Deb Founder/Case Manager V.P.S.