By Steven Penner

For the past six months, Weiser Community Church has been anticipating the completion of their new Christian Education wing.  On Sunday, October 21st they dedicated it as the new nursery opened and the church held a dedication service following worship.  The new wing replaces a very old single wide trailer that had been purchased from the Weiser school district and had been set in place in 1993. In early March, the men of the church tore the trailer down piece by piece and hauled it away.  A small room also had to be taken down brick by brick.
Two weeks after all was cleared the new building began.  Karl Gresehover oversaw the work as he lined up all of the subcontractors.  A process that was expected to take eighteen months actually took only six months. The building contains a large nursery with its own restroom which replaces a severely undersized nursery.  It also has a large classroom that can be divided into two smaller ones.  On the north end is new storage space.  The new wing is 2500 square feet.
Besides its obvious benefit to children and youth ministry, the best thing about it is that it was built debt free.  The church had anticipated doing each phase as the money came in, but it came in much more quickly than anticipated, thus the six month time frame.
At the dedication service, the church thanked Karl and those who did the work.  Then leaders of the church prayed for its use as children, teens and adults learn about God, the Bible and the Christian life.  The service ended with a cake and coffee reception and much rejoicing in God’s goodness.