Today is November 5, 2018.  It’s the day before the midterm elections and I hope you are planning on voting.  If the reason that you’re not going to vote is because of lack of transportation, have I got a deal for you.   Delray Platt’s daughter Marama is part of a non partisan group that is offering free rides to your polling place.  No, this isn’t a joke, there is no political talk allowed either to or from the polling place.  How you vote is entirely up to you, as it should be.
 If you are interested, you can call 208-550-9578 or 208-257-3563.  Don’t let the lack of transportation be the reason you don’t exercise your constitutional right to vote.  Whatever happens after the votes are counted, I hope that as a nation, we can still be civil to each other, no matter who wins.
 Politics and Religion can be two of the most toxic and divisive conversation topics, which is why at seniors, we don’t allow either topic to be brought up other than in a general way for example, the Baptist church is hosting a choral group,  or the Mormon church is hosting the Trunk or Treat event in their parking lot.  Or if a person running for office stops by, I will introduce them and what position they are running for, but they aren’t given a platform from which to speak.  If you have questions, you can speak with them individually.
We are hosting a Mini craft fair on Saturday, November 10th  from 10 AM to 4 PM here at the senior center.  This is for vendors of home based businesses such as Sentsy, Essential Oils, Watkins, Spices and Seasonings, Ornaments etc.  I also think that there will be baked goods for sale, but I’m not completely sure, so don’t hold me to that fact, OK?
Home based  businesses aren’t allowed at the craft fair, but they have always had  a fair that was off site at the restaurant where Ginny’s used to be.  So, when you make plans to go to the craft fair at the fairgrounds, drop by seniors and visit some of your local friends in business for themselves and see what they also have to offer for your personal use or gift ideas.
Remember that this month’s food pantry is this next week on Wednesday, November 14th from 2 to 3 PM.  I will return to its regular third Wednesday of each month in December.
 You know, sometimes I wonder if I’m getting senile.  I can’t remember if I posted October’s birthday’s and now I have November’s to mention.  Happy Birthday to our November born members:  Lola Ader, Marilyn Billings, Betty Erberich, Lorraine Farrens, Pam Fritz, Dean Jessup, Gayle Poorman, Kermit Wiggins and Sheila Zundel.
 I will have Karen Atteberry send me another list for October and post it next week, if I indeed did forget. 
How many of you have received your new Medicare Cards?  I finally got mine last week.  If you got a new one, I will laminate it for our members at no charge.  I need to have two or three at a time for the size of plastic sheet I’m using to make it cost effective.  I willing to do this, so just let me know the next time you are in.
  The next trip to Ontario will be on Tuesday, November 13th.  There is a signup sheet on the front table or you can just give me a call here at the center 208-257-3358 and I will add you to the list.
 I had several people stop by last week to purchase beef raffle tickets.  I’m here on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays if you would like to stop by and get yours. 
I’ve got one more Month end report that I must get out today, so I’m going to wrap things up for now.  Have a great week, everyone!