By Jessi Butterfield

From the BIG melt in your mouth cinnamon rolls to the butter horn buns! If you haven’t been by Pepper’s coffee shop on a Friday and met Lynette Buller and her daughters, you ought to!!

Lynette Buller grew up in the Hispanic culture learning how to make tortillas. She found her love for baking when watching her mother in law make these amazing cinnamon rolls. That is where her passion started with baking. Lynette would tell her husband “No stray animal in our neighborhood goes hungry, that’s for sure!” from the many batches of dough that she made that didn’t turn out right. That didn’t stop Lynette she continued to practice. Happily married for 20 years now, Lynette started their two daughters, Abigail and Angelina, in baking right from the start. Not alone of course, she had the help of her mother in law.

From there, Lynette and her daughters decided to try out the Farmers Market, their first ever was during the eclipse and the response was amazing! After a few weeks it slowed down a bit for Farm Girls Kitchen. Wondering if they would continue at the Farmers Market, they were neighbors with Nicole Sharp, now the owner of Pepper’s. Nicole approached Lynette and mentioned coming into the coffee shop once a week to sell her baked goods and here we are!! You can find them at Pepper’s every Friday.

“It has been fun being in Pepper’s , we aren’t sold out within the first hour by now means , like it was at the Farmers Market, but meeting our community and all the people have been amazing!’

You can find Lynette and/or her daughters on Fridays at Pepper’s. They are also taking orders for Thanksgiving!! So if you have time for rolls and not pies, or pies and not rolls or no time for either, put in an order from Farm Girls Kitchen! Call Lynette at 541-709-8510 and let them help make your Thanksgiving one to remember!