By Angela Dotson

As we come upon the holiday season, there are some exciting things going on at Midway Merchants and Tin Pan Alley in Midvale! The Midvale Merchantile building, owned by Lane and Elsa, houses such a great opportunity for our community. A wonderful and well stocked grocery store, Midway Merchants for all your local craft and gift need, Tin Pan Alley ( commercial kitchen and dining/event hall) as well as the Trailhead Hostel. All of this is dedicated to growing the heart of the Midvale community, so we want everyone to know about upcoming events. 
Manna N’ More will continue to serve Friday night dinners at the kitchen from 5-7 pm. This Friday, Nov 16, in Tin Pan Alley, Jamie Rebman will be hosting Wine and Design night at 6 pm. Ladies, join us to make “ no sew” quilted Christmas ornaments. You will go home with 2 of these beautiful ornaments, cost is $20, RSVP is required. Manna will also be serving dinner available for both our crafty ladies and public alike! Nov 16 menu will be breakfast for dinner- fresh toast casserole with sausage apple syrup and ham and cheese quiche bake ( that’s loaded stuffed scrambled eggs for all the guys that think quiche can’t be manly ) Dinner will still be from 5-7.
Please check out Midway Merchants FB page for how to sign up for Wine and Design, held once a month Oct-March. Or contact Jamie @ 2085504059
No dinner will be served Nov 23, as it’s the day after Thanksgiving and I am sure we will all still be “ stuffed”!
Saturday, Dec 1, will be the Midvale Christmas Bazaar in Tin Pan Alley, from 1-7. We have some really great vendors signed up, come shop for great gifts and join us for a meal by Manna, coffee and desserts! If you are an interested vendor, please contact Angela @ 5416108878. Other upcoming event plans include cooking classes, Valentines Candle Light Dinner, and we would love feedback from our community as to what YOU would like to see happen. 
We look forward to a heart warming fun filled month at the Merchantile building, and would love to share it with all of you, so please join us!