Saturday, December 1st at the Snake River Heritage Center, students from the Victoria Arriero-Thomas Studio will be putting on a good old fashioned radio show. The Duck Soup Radio Brigade, consisting of VATS students, will be taking it back to an era before television and computers, when family would gather in their living rooms to listen to the news and radio programs for entertainment. The Mystery Radio Show will feature a live sound man as well as commercials from your favorite products of the time period.

The Mystery Radio Show will entertain you with a tragic story of love and loss:

“Tragedy has struck the newly wedded, and newly widowed, Mrs. Sue Ellen Draper, when her husband, Eddie Draper, suddenly, and unexpectedly, dies in his sleep. The mystery? His body comes up missing from his grave sight! Mrs. Draper, hires the cunning and rough private eye, Inspector Rizzo, to help find his body right help appease Eddy Drapers’ ghost who is haunting his wife! Throughout the story we meet kooky and hilarious characters that help lead to solving the mystery of Eddy Draper’s missing body!”

Tickets are on sale now for $5.00 a person or $20.00 a family. They can be purchased at Idaho Custom Designs, at the door on the night of the show, or from a cast member. Doors open at 7pm  with a variety show featuring a barbershop quintet and a group “compellingly similar to the Andrew Sisters”. Money raised from the show will help fund scholarships, costumes for the mexican dance team, and for better equipment that would be used to help educate students in other areas of production such as, sound and lighting. This night will be full of fun and laughter as audience members sit back and listen to, not only a fun Mystery Radio Show, but watch the dynamics of the behind the scenes production of the show. You don't want to miss out!