Hi Everyone!  Well, I got through the Thanksgiving holiday and now there are only two more to go before the end of 2018! 
We had a wonderful dinner here at Seniors on the Tuesday before the real Turkey day.  There were at least 50 people who came to eat with us.  It was so much fun and I even found a good joke to tell.  I’m always looking for good jokes so if you run across any would you please share them with me art cms@ctcweb.net? 
I received a notice this morning from Adams County Health Clinic that they are putting on a free class about Diabetes.  If you have diabetes or have been told that you are borderline, I would recommend that you look into it.  The class will be taught by Juanita Aguilar, a registered dietician and certified diabetes educator.  There will be two sessions on Wednesday, December 5th.  One from 12:30 to 1:30 PM and another at 5:30 to 6:30 PM.  You can call 208-253-4242 for more information.
                December is almost upon us and it seems that we have a few birthdays coming up. Happy Birthday to the following December babies:  Elsie Coburn, Wayne Curtis, Ernie Houghton, Janice Jones, Linda Kellar, Joy Larkin, Steve Nettleton, Randy Noah, Rocky Sherman and Lynda Yoder!  Best wishes from all of us at seniors for another year of health and prosperity!
                There is about a week and a half left  Wednesday, December 5th,  before the Beef Raffle drawing.  If you haven’t bought tickets, now is the time.  I think with a little luck we may sell 800 tickets, so your chances of winning are 4 out of 800.  I just sold 5 tickets today to a gal that won last year, she said it was the best beef she had ever eaten!  I bought my tickets last week, who knows, I might be one of the four winners. 
                Wednesday, December 5th is our Annual meeting so I hope you will plan on attending.  We will be voting on new board member and a proposed name change.  Show up so your voice is heard.  We will also be having roast beef that day, so another really good reason to come.
Our next shopping trip will be on Tuesday, December 14th and there will be a sign up sheet on the front table or you can call and I will put you on the list.  If I’m not working at the Salubria Assisted living center that day, I might even go.  It’s been a long time and it’s nice to let someone else do the driving.  I’m up for a day out!
December foot clinic will be held on Monday, December 17th.  Call 208-257-3358 to set up an appointment.
If you like to play pinochle, but don’t want to come out at night, our Pinochle group will be switching to playing on Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 1:30  to 4:30 PM or thereabouts.  The first day for the change will be Wednesday, December 5th.  Come and join in on the fun.
That is the column for this week.  Until next time, I hope you are healthy and happy!