Job Title: Detention Deputy/ Position open until filled.
Benefits: Medical/Dental/Vision insurance paid for employees, P.E.R.S.I. retirement 
Shifts: 12 hours long, work 4 on with 4 off
Salary: Start at $14.75 and pay will increase to $15.93 once you receive your Idaho POST Detention Certification.
Supervises and maintains custody of inmates and provides security for the Washington County Jail. The incumbent uses their own judgment in the performance of duties, referring unusual, unique or complex issues to their sergeant for advice and guidance. 
• Maintains security and custody of inmates; 
• Performs routine security checks to include the perimeter of the building and grounds; 
• Preserves and enforces Idaho laws and departmental jail policies to maintain security of the jail; 
• Processes inmates into the jail and assigns them to the proper level of confinement; 
• Receives and maintains inmates' property; 
• Forcefully controls and restrains actively resisting inmates; 
• Works and maintains eligibility to work all shifts, including evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays, whether assigned or on an as needed or on-call basis; 
• Dispense food to inmates; 
• Supervises inmates and inmate workers in the cleaning of the jail and inmate living quarters; 
• Transports inmates to and from necessary locations; 
• Performs necessary searches for weapons and contraband; and 
• Keeps records and prepares reports.

We have a dedicated staff with high ethical standards and a strong teamwork philosophy.  Apply today and join the Washington County Sheriff’s Office team.
Lt. Johnny Biddinger