Capital For A Day - Cambridge Idaho - Friday November 30 - With Governor C. L. "Butch" Otter, making sure government maintains its role as the people's servant requires keeping in touch with all Idahoans. He also knows that the strength of our Republic relies on an engaged and informed citizenry.

That's why Governor Otter and members of his Cabinet travel to a rural town in a different Idaho county every month. The communities become Idaho's Capital for a Day, and their residents the focus of the Governor and his administration for an entire day. Idahoans ask questions, share their opinions, and seek answers from State agencies.

"It is our job in State government to ensure people in communities all over Idaho have a real say in determining their own future. It shouldn't be the case that folks in Boise have a greater role in contributing their civic virtue to our statewide discussions than people in Moyie Springs or Malad, Ferdinand or Firth, Wallace or Wendell," Governor Otter said. "That´s why I bring 'Capital for a Day' to a different rural town every month – to listen, learn, and solve some problems if we can."