For nearly 33 years, it has been my distinct privilege and honor to practice medicine in Weiser. I am retiring from medical practice having spent nearly all of my professional life in this community. During that time, I have cared for many you. For some families, 3 generations or more have come to see me. A few babies that I delivered have grown up and allowed me to help deliver their children. Many of us were young adults when I began your care, now we march together into our ‘golden years’. Many of my friends entrusted me to preside over their care as they passed from this life into Eternity. Practicing medicine in Weiser has been challenging, rewarding, frustrating, exhausting and undoubtedly worth it all. I am humbled beyond words for the goodness I have experienced to have been “your doctor”.

Weiser has blessed my family. Like many of your children, Weiser has contributed to the character and success of our children. Linda and I are grateful for all who helped us raise our children and who by virtue of their goodness, are blessing our grandchildren. 

I express my appreciation and affection not only for my wonderful patients but for the many personalities who have graced my life. Dr. Richard Giever and his family, Dr. Tim Hodges and his family, Dr. Bryon Hemphill and his family, Cynthia Haynes, Cheryl Fochtman and so many others of the Family Medical Center and Weiser Memorial Hospital family. I have great regard for members of the Weiser Medical Community and for the consulting physicians who have worked to care for the patients we shared. It has been an honor to serve with each of you, present and past. May I mention my regard for Mike Muir, without whom my practice would have financially died on the vine 25 years ago and Delton Walker, who guided us through our business transition with Weiser Memorial and the Saint Lukes Health System.

Scripture teaches ‘without charity we are nothing.’ Linda is the love of my life. She is why I am anything at all!

I am who and what I am because I was blessed to spend my career here and among you. I express by gratitude and love to each of you.

God bless you,

Dr. Bryan Drake