This last weekend Firefighters from Weiser Rural, Weiser City, Fruitland and Deputies from the Washington County Sheriff's Office conducted their departments Vehicle Extrication Training, allowing the personnel to get practical hands on exposure to the extrication tools that aid in freeing entrapped victims from vehicle and industrial mishaps. These departments will have the opportunity to be better prepared to handle these emergencies and ultimately come to the aid of our citizens and those who visit here.

The instructors were Battalion Chief Chris King and  Captain Steve Savoca, both with the Nampa Fire Department. Also Instructing was our new Weiser Rural Fire Chief, Tim Atwood.

Why has extrication become so much of the call load for our first responders? First, there are a lot more cars on the road today than there were 30 or 40 years ago. Second, they have learned, as a fire service, that taking the time to perform extrication is the right thing to do. Popping doors and removing roofs allows much better access to the patients and minimizes the dangers of causing secondary injuries during their removal from the wreck.

Crashed vehicles, donated for the training, allowed firefighters to hone their skills at breaking out auto windows, disabling airbags that aren’t deployed and cutting through frames to remove doors, roofs and other parts of a car. This is one of those things that they don’t do often, but need to know what they are doing, when they do it.