From Weiser Valley Hwy Dist

Weiser, Idaho December 5th 2018, The highway district has been in contact with the contractor replacing the failing culvert structure on County Road 70 as late as yesterday evening. The progress has been slowed due to the several days of rain last weekend and now freezing temperatures. The project is now at a critical stage where concrete forms are being installed today with the concrete to be poured next week. It is imperative the concrete cure correctly which with the colder temperatures will take additional time. A good estimate is an additional 15 to 20 days. 

The district feels that the road should not be opened to the traveling public until it is safe for both the work crews and the road users. Also, the district does not want to rush through the project to get unsatisfactory results for such an important and vital stretch of roadway. Our goals are safety, project integrity and public satisfaction.

Be assured, the district is working with the contractor and our engineer daily to find the best time to allow traffic back onto that section of road. The publics patience would be appreciated as we do our duty to make the best use of their tax dollars.