By Janice Vuivh-Cawyer

 We had a nice Baked Potato Bar fund raiser on Friday night.  We served 57 members and guests and we stand to net about $400 to add to our coffers. I would like to thank Elsie Coburn, Pat Davenport, Linda Whitlatch, Zella Yergen, June Stirm and Karen Atteberry for baking the brownies we served for dessert.  Others to thank for their service during and after the fund raiser are:  Lynda Yoder, Delray Platt, Jack and Elsie Coburn, Pat Davenport, Genevieve Fisk, Charlie Caruso and Kay Van Order.  As always we couldn’t put these on without you!
Because of the $$ drop in our Ridley Hometown Advantage program, we are scrambling to have other types of fund raisers to make up that difference.  There will be many other opportunities to help us succeed in the future.  The next Fund Raiser is going to be on Friday, April 12th, and it will be our second Chili Cook off event.  Last year was the first time we tried it and people seemed to enjoy eating the different batches of Chili con Carne that were brought in by our members and others. 
If you have a recipe for chili that you like, why not sign up to bring in a pot for diners to enjoy and vote on.  There is a signup sheet on the front table.  If you are reading this and want to join in on the fun, just give me a call at 208-257-3358  and I will let you know the particulars.  The more the merrier!
There will be a “People’s Choice Award” for the person winning the most beans (what else) in their cup.  The dinner will start at 5:30 and run until 7:30 or whenever the food runs out. 
The Menu will consist of pots of homemade chili (you can taste all the different chilies before you choose, how else would you know which one to vote for?), Corn Bread, Coleslaw a dessert and beverage all for the price of $8  Mark it on your calendar now, so you don’t book something else and find yourself out in the cold (so to speak).
                I was sorry to have missed last Wednesday’s lunch, but Karen Atteberry and I went to McCall for a meeting with the Area 3 Senior Services Agency.  It was a meeting to explain more about the bidding process in which  we are currently immersed.  To make sure that we cross all our T’s and dot all the I’s that are required.  You only get one shot to make the presentation and it has to be right.
 By law, the nutrition programs under the Older Americans act must be sent out for bid every so many years.  In the past, The Elderly Opportunity Agency, then the CCOA agency have bid and then subcontracted with each center to run the program.  Now each center is bidding directly with the Area 3 SSA for the contract.  The good news, is that there won’t be a middleman to take out a cut of the funds that are available.  
The process has been, at least for me since it’s my first time, a little nerve wracking.  Fortunately, I’ve had good help from Pat Davenport, Karen Atteberry and Lynda Yoder.  I think I have it pretty well wrapped up and hopefully the final approval will come This Wednesday after lunch at our committee meeting.  Wish me luck!
The menu for this Wednesday, March 27th is Fried Chicken, Potato salad, corn, coleslaw, rolls, and my favorite, Apple Cake for dessert.  Friday March 29th we are serving Tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, salad, bananas and dessert.
Have a great week everyone!