By Jodie Mink

The members of the Cambridge FFA chapter had a successful conference at the recent State Leadership Event in Twin Falls, Idaho last week.  Twenty four Cambridge FFA members traveled to Twin Falls to complete in event, listen to speakers and gain leadership experience.

The floriculture team started the week off!  Emma Hollon, Morgan Wood, RyLee Russell and Abbie Vogel completed in plant identification, problem solving, plant propagation and cuttings, as well as corsage and arrangement making.  The team placed 5th in the state with Morgan Wood receiving 5th high individual in the state. 

Cody Nixon and Reed Thulander attended multiple meetings throughout the week and represented Cambridge FFA as our official delegates.  These two gentlemen spent hours sitting in meetings and voting on FFA amendments.

Orion Southwick, Timon Boden, Shelby Altman, Shayna Landis, Brielle Cisco, Mckensi Busch and Ashlyn Gerlock served has official Courtesy Corp members and provided support for the Idaho FFA by monitoring doors during the parliamentary procedure event. 

Jayden Mink, Jason Damon and Lauren DeVries each interviewed and competed in the FFA Proficiency Award process.  Each turned in a lengthy application that included financial records, journals and growth areas in their respective SAE.  All three individual won GOLD, 1st place in each of their areas.  Jayden Mink was awarded in the area of Agricultural Services, Lauren DeVries in Agricultural Sales and Jason Damon in the area of Forage Production.   Each of these application will be forwarded on to National FFA. 

Katie Russell and Anna DeVries took the State FFA Parliamentarian exam on Wednesday evening.  On Thursday, it was announced that both Katie and Anna were in the top 5 for this exam.  Anna DeVries was named the State Leadership Conference Parliamentarian for the conference and Katie Russell received 5th place.

The parliamentary procedure team completed their test on Wednesday evening and had preliminary events on Thursday morning.  Cambridge did great in their first presentation and moved onto the finals.  In the end, the Cambridge FFA parliamentary procedure team, consisting of Anna DeVries, Nathan Kindall, Jarret Mink, Katie Russell, Zoe Ertel and Brendan Wood placed 4th in the state.   This is a huge accomplishment for this team. 

Grace Ertel also made the final round in Prepared Public Speaking and was award the 2nd place plaque for her work on her speech around the Slow Flower Movement.  She did an amazing job of answering questions and presenting her 8 minute memorized speech. 

Lauren DeVries and Jayden Mink also completed interviews for their individual Star Applications.   Jayden Mink was awarded the Star in Agribusiness Award.  Both Jayden and Lauren received beautiful belt buckles and plaques for their hard work in creating detailed record books and having growth in their individual SAE areas.  Lauren was a finalist in the Agricultural Sales area. 

Morgan Wood, Anna DeVries, Lauren DeVries and Jayden Mink were all awarded with their Idaho FFA State Degree.  Have received the Chapter FFA Degree.  To receive your Idaho State FFA Degree, members must have been an active FFA member for at least two years, completed the equivalent of at least two years (360 hours) of systematic school instruction in agricultural education, have earned and productively invested at least $1,000, or worked at least 300 hours in excess of scheduled class time, or a combination thereof, in a supervised agricultural experience (SAE) program, demonstrate leadership ability by : (A) performing 10 procedures of parliamentary law, (B) giving a six-minute speech on a topic relating to agriculture or FFA, (C) serving as an officer, committee chairperson or participating member of a chapter committee, have participated in the planning and completion of the chapter's Program of Activities, have participated in at least five different FFA activities above the chapter level and have participated in at least 25 hours of community service, within at least two different community service activities. 

Lauren DeVries was also the district representative in the Employment Skills CDE area.  Lauren completed an interview, along with resume, cover letter, job application and follow up letter.  Lauren was awarded 2nd place at state in this event. 

All the Cambridge FFA members participated in the FFA Days of Service Event.  Cambridge FFA members spent 1 ½ hours at the Rising Stars Therapeutic Riding Center cleaning up pastures, picking rock and taking down old fences.  It was a great way to give back to an excellent program that offers equine therapeutic riding and equine assisted therapy to children and adults with disabilities throughout south central idaho.

Morgan Wood and Abbie Vogel went on stage to receive the 1st place scrapbook award in the small school division.  The Cambridge FFA scrapbook is a combination of many hours of hard work by over 20 FFA members.  The Cambridge FFA scrapbook beat all other scrapbooks by 1600 points.

Grace Ertel and Anna DeVries went on stage to receive the Cambridge FFA National Chapter Award Application.  We were awarded a Three Star and 2nd place in the state.  The application will be forwarded onto to Nationals.  

Jayden Mink was award a $1000 scholarship from the Idaho FFA Foundation.  In addition, Lauren DeVries and Grace Ertel will each receive a $500 scholarship for their placings in their individual events.   Jayden Mink, Jason Damon and Lauren DeVries will also receive money for winning their proficiency award areas. 

Special thanks to our bus driver Vern Meyer and additional chaperons; Nicole DeVries and Justin Mink.   It was a great week to be a Cambridge FFA member!