Press Release From The Office Of Governor Brad Little

Investing in public education, expanding access to healthcare, and scaling back regulatory burdens are some of Governor Brad Little’s biggest achievements in his first 100 days as Idaho’s Governor.

“We made great advances since January to improve the lives of Idahoans while maintaining a conservative budget,” Governor Little said. “I will continue to work hard in the next four years to make Idaho the place where our children and grandchildren want to stay.”

The State of Idaho’s conservative, balanced budget includes a projected $174 million remaining at the end of Fiscal Year 2020. In addition, the Idaho Legislature approved most of Governor Little’s proposed budget recommendations for state government in Fiscal Year 2020.

Governor Little highlighted additional achievements during his first 100 days as Idaho’s 33rd Governor during a press conference in Boise today. Some of the highlights include:


Increased starting teacher pay to $40,000 per year, helping to recruit young people into the profession and incentivizing young teachers to stay in their careers
Doubled funding for literacy programs in Idaho to improve students' reading abilities by third grade
Increased funds available to Idaho students through Opportunity Scholarships
Idaho designated its first four STEM schools


Red Tape Reduction Act created through Executive Order requiring state agencies to eliminate or scale back two rules for every new one they want to implement
Licensing Freedom Act of 2019 created through Executive Order puts in place sunrise and sunset procedures for future occupational licensing laws
Signed bill making it easier for veterans, military members and their families to obtain occupational licenses


Asserted Idaho's sovereignty and promoted good working relationships with federal government in meetings with President Trump and Secretaries of Health & Human Services, Commerce, Labor, EPA, Energy, and Interior  
Stood with President Trump and asserted Idaho's position in global economy by supporting U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement
Opened up new trade opportunities with other countries through meetings with foreign diplomats from Japan, Taiwan, Mexico, and Micronesia
Maintained predictable levels of public land use in sage grouse habitat on Idaho rangelands


Fully funded implementation of Medicaid Expansion – Proposition 2 – while pursuing options to allow working Idahoans choice in their healthcare
Diversified health insurance options available for Idahoans priced out of Obamacare
Improved access to life-saving medication for Idahoans suffering from opioid misuse
Idaho will bring on 19 new medical residents and fellows address the shortage of physicians in the state and continue the implementation of the 10-year Graduate Medical Education plan



Enhanced cybersecurity and protection of citizens’ data by consolidating and modernizing IT functions across eight state agencies
Idaho became the first state to deploy a technology tool to safeguard taxpayer money from waste, fraud, and abuse

A full list of Governor Little’s budget highlights from the 2019 legislative session are available here.